Malaga: South of Spain

We visited the South of Spain two years ago in 2019, the summer before the global pandemic. This region is know as the Andalusia. Malaga town is the capital of the Province Malaga in this region. It is the birth place of the painter sculptor Pablo Picasso. In the Plaza de la Merced, where the house where he was born stands, you see Picasso sitting on a bench. I sat next to him and enquired about what inspired his paintings and sculptures!

Malaga is a quaint little town as many other in the Andalusia region. We spent a week exploring the lanes and by lanes of these little towns. Malaga boasts of a 3000 year history. We see the remains of an amphitheater and basins from 4th Century AD. The basins were used to make fish sauce called garum.

Malaga’s great Cathedral known as ‘La Manquita’, or ‘The One-Armed Woman’, was built between 1528 and 1782. The cathedral was to have two towers, but the second tower was never built. It house a number of Chapels.

In summer it is a favourite tourist spot for people from UK and Europe partly because of its beaches. We visited a quaint fishing town of La Carihuela, Torremolinos in Malaga province, a little distance from Malaga City. The town was full of eating places and a looong beach. The specialty was classic pescaíto fried fish. It was fried in the open on a Wooden Bonfire!

We stayed in Malaga and visited other towns in the Andalusia region, in South of Spain. The next post is on our visit to the Alcazar Palace and Gardens in Seville town of Andalusia.

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